Interview 04/19

Seems to be time to have another interview, because some things around ramp up massive. So let’s see what we get out my friend today.

R: Hello, last weeks there do many dangerous changes did jump into public. Most of them was long planned eugenic jobs against the people on earth. How is this recognized for you as experiencer from outside?

M: Yes multiple changes appear in public now and most are done by minions from alien races that try to shape planet earth for their purpose. They speed up change so their created hybrids can survive while the old type of people got problems and will dissolve. Sure that is a bad future, but as explained in ancient text earth with all in it’s biosphere has to evolve too. There is no fixating a status quo to prevent evolution, not as universal law and not artificial done by humans.

R: So the great awakening is something deeper than only evolution of consciousness?

M: Humanity is very late on schedule, normally first awakening preset the inventions and ideas to evolve societies, adaptive technologies and so a whole package appears. It should update the DNA so the body adapt to outer changes, but as you see a hidden hand has fixed that all and fight against awakening now.

R: Seems to be that way, we are stuck in level 1 and unable to reach the next level. Our aggressive potential is used to treat our neighbours with force, to stay within line behind of overall madness.

M: You understood the control grid, while the majority lives the control grid to keep it running. Yes all the mess you experience is long term planned and should result to something good. It would work better without the control grid, but the stranglehold is very powerful.

R: As conclusion we have to evolve or to go, this is very harsh and does not match to a lovely god as ruler?

M: It would not match the ideas of wrathful gods from old testament in your holy books and not the religious ideas people have. Just think about a nice creator, who place a benevolent evolution plan and beings with granted free will to ignore that. Think about evolution for mother earth and nature was scheduled and only the humans fight against it and keep it fixed. So there will be some rounds of pushing them forward as chance to stay. But also a last line when the round can be defined as failed.

R: Do you know where this type of red line is?

M: Not precise and offering would be some kind of manipulation.

R: Is it possible that already placed hybrids survive what humans of old earth type won’t?

M: Yes this is a matter of biology and frequency. Would say ‘they’ have shown that in movies to you and some just do what you experience around you.

R: Okay and thank you, we will see the path and changes can occur every day. Game on.


Author: RoibeardH

Mid age Celt, incarnated on earth at ascension time to experience mankind's decision. Awaken in 2011 and learned so many new stuff, lots from my telepathic contacts that support the greater viewpoint.