The After-Effects of Awakening

If it is for real, you will have effects lasting forever. Because awakening is permanent change and your family and friends will notice that too. Relationships will break through lack of frequency match and new will come up from same effect. Your tuning was adjusted, the melody you radiate out is different now. In conclusion you won’t step under the slavehod of the ego machine again.

Openhearted Rebellion

By Steve Taylor, Ph.D., Wake Up World

As a psychologist, I have been studying what I call “awakening experiences” for a decade, and have recently published (with a co-author) a new study of 90 such experiences in The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology.

Awakening experiences are moments in which our awareness expands and intensifies. We transcend the worries that normally preoccupy us and feel a sense of elation or serenity. Our perceptions of the world around us become more vivid, and we feel a sense of connection to nature, other human beings or the whole universe in general. We feel a sense of love and compassion, and there is a strong sense that we have transcended a limited state, and that awareness has become more authentic than normal. At higher intensities of awakening experiences, we may even feel that we have lost our normal sense of identity and somehow…

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