So here is another example of see clear, The awakened eye is part of an awakened being that is able to look for itself again. Because in programmed mode the flatland mind rewrite all perception to it’s point of view, what is a deep manipulation of behaviour.

So this is about  boundaries of the programmed mind and see clear for the awakened eye. A new field of view that is the unfiltered bias to use a wide spectrum of opportunities.

Divine singularity is the point, when mankind re enter it’s seat as creator. That’s why the controllers on your planet like to place their singularity that bound all people as slaves to the A.I. to prevent it. Which path will you choose?

Author: Monjican

Extra dimensional shaman from Eagle Nebula, dedicated to support earth and human ascension as guide. Was buried on moon, so spiritually bound to sol system to learn and grow through my mission.