Is This Japan?: How Media Frames Perception

Reminds me to the politicians who travelled to Damascus, delivering photos about the street life to the public. What caused a huge uproar in MSM, because it stands again the mind framing view we all shall have at Syria.

Born Outside the Box

Source: corbettreport
Published on Mar 14, 2018

The eye of the camera is determining what you see and what you do not see, whether you know it or not. Don’t let the media frame your understanding of the world…or at least be conscious of the fact that they are framing the world for you. Oh, and enjoy these images of the sunny climes of western Japan from The Corbett Report’s 2009 Video Archive DVD!

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Author: RoibeardH

Mid age Celt, incarnated on earth at ascension time to experience mankind's decision. Awaken in 2011 and learned so many new stuff, lots from my telepathic contacts that support the greater viewpoint.