The spark of deep intelligence is hidden in many music tracks.

Fantasy lyrics
in the fourth dimension,
frozen on video,
the girl sleeps fantasy
the endless deep sleep,
but her mind is awake,
Sensors are still transmitting.

Radio signals go out,
Cries for help at home,
on Odyssey through time and space.
But we do not understand
what is encrypted there speaks.

That is the
I am the

But in Metropolis
Nobody knows who that is.
The girl fantasy,
yes, in Metropolis
Nobody knows who that is.
The girl fantasy.

Technocrates came overnight
in the universe to power.
He banished the imagination
in a distant no-man’s-land
in a coffin of glass
closely guarded by shadow.

Lids become monotonous
Pictures become monochrome,
Books are only paper,
people are dumb
around in a vacuum
without the imagination.

Author: Monjican

Extra dimensional shaman from Eagle Nebula, dedicated to support earth and human ascension as guide. Was buried on moon, so spiritually bound to sol system to learn and grow through my mission.