To control large amount of population, you need to degrade their horizon into something that is very small and limited, so that easy commands lead to results. That’s reason for an old control agenda that was placed on planet earth to reach a wide level of control.

But such idea must be 360° and waterproof to get the desired results. So you need to keep the level of thinking flat while you serve the flat level with matching flat informations. An overall level of artificial stupidity need to be maintained with large amounts of energy, otherwise what’s lying behind will shine through the edges. To fit the same agenda religion and government have to work together, to keep societies horizon at a fixed level, preset by a education system for all the children.

All that started after the Annu’s did create the homo sapiens by splicing in their own parts to have more intelligent worker slaves. Sure they should be intelligent and equipped with some kind of connector that controls their behaviour. So the Annu’s did splice their kind of brain structure, but disconnected the parts and make them run in different frequencies to make cooperation a problem. So a limited type of consciousness was placed into the left brain side running up to 40 hertz, so that the right side with it’s lower frequency wont fit and the frontal lobe above is struggled by these frequency chaos. But below the line the programmable flatline interpreter was born, perfect isolated from the higher connected right side with it’s alpha and theta waves and from frontal lobe with it’s moral and higher intelligence.

Trough the aeons after the Annu’s left earth, their descendant hybrids started to maintain the flatland knowledge into the occult, wiped and cleared informations about, witch hunted keepers of knowledge down. So today the chaos as result could not be more bad, because the majority of rulers are under the same spell of flatland, they rule from the limited perspective and history books show you the evidence.

The good point of the story is, that manipulated systems naturally like to swing back to normal. Human brain is ready to step back to full cooperation and the flatland left brain system will crumble with it’s chattering voice, that’s why so many helpers try to support at the times to push society into wholeness again.

Author: Monjican

Extra dimensional shaman from Eagle Nebula, dedicated to support earth and human ascension as guide. Was buried on moon, so spiritually bound to sol system to learn and grow through my mission.