James Gilliland: We Have To Ask Ourselves: How Is This Working For Us?

Polarity is the limitation of all into two opposing sides, it requires a limited mind and programming at daily bases. To stay above it, a clear mind (non chattering) is required to run in high awareness that is able to see what’s out there without the polarity filter, James give us nice tips to reach this point.

Karma Yoga Daily

By James Gilliland, In5D.com

Every new year most party late into the night, get intoxicated by various methods, make resolutions only to break them within the week.

Are we a blessing to life?

Or are we empty – seeking outside of ourselves for love, joy, bliss, abundance etc.

Many relationships are splitting during these times for various reasons, some couples just can’t do another year of dysfunction and the exponential increase in energies just won’t allow it.
In the macrocosm our dysfunctional relationship with society and the planet also is coming up for healing.

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Author: Monjican

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