Flow with inner silence

Some features require deeper explanation, not so many have experienced the silent mind for now. Because it depends on the coherent mind state, where the chatter in the mind is gone. The real you need to think in words, or there is no talk in the mind anymore. Same domain is base for the flow state, or better said you can do your daily work from within the flow state, without having thought in your mind.

Flowing is the deeper insight real vision, an operation mode that let you do things different, because now they appear from a spectrum of available opportunities. If you have reached coherence, you will run in this mode as daily normal, informations flow through you, ready get picked up for usage. This is nearly the same level of consciousness like beings without body have in their experience. Our scientist may call this quantum computing and try to mimic it with technology, while they don’t allow themselves to reach that quantum point in their life.

So guess why the flow state need a better matching kind of consciousness? It’s not only by the pure amount of data passing through, it’s also to have the ability to peek the data, without being emotionally glued to the pieces. Means what really cannot be understood until you reach this point with creation acceptance. Means that people who create war by free will, deserve war from universal law. To be in the flow will shudder the experience by seeing peoples behavior in true light, will show you time lines from their creation to the end result. You will see the people create 180 degree against their wanted results, but you are unable to tell them, because in their mind programmed perception model it’s aligned.

It’s easy to say i want that new consciousness, but keep in mind that you will get it with a lot of features to sustain the world freed of lies.

No bonbons left, C-Clear now.


Author: Monjican

ED Shaman from Eagle Nebula residents, dedicated to support earth ascension since success for the majority of Maya culture. Available for contactees through telepathy within earth grid.