Integrated Beings – Part 2

Will the change in ‘appearance’ have an impact on human society at all? Yes you can count on that, integrated beings will meet on a different level than 3D limited beings, that use partnerships for energy harvesting or cooperate in some way. What also includes reproduction, because the 3D based longing for family will fade away. While society thrive into a position that was here before, communities will grow children in a very free way. These children will also be born as integrated beings and have no interest to be pressed into conformity through thumb mind programming.

Today you can see this running conflict within society, parents cannot understand their new type of children and most shut them down to conformity with psychic drugs.

Okay so let’s go back to the effects at all. Waking up to the new level start up a sliding process of change, what mostly isn’t recognized by the integrated being, but by their friends and family. For short time this will be accepted, but the change become more drastic and will result to something that will impact relationships deeply. While integrated beings do attract themselves through their telepathic abilities, that run all time on a sub level and interchange data. Their experience is what’s written in many ancient text without understanding from 3D perspective, unconditional love. This will alter social structures as well with huge impact.

Todays society are guided with mind control, where rulers from behind the curtain blow their agenda with influential mass media right into the minds of people. To get their vote to make it official chosen and from creation perspective to create their mess on peoples head. Integrated beings are at least connected to higher self and get lots of knowledge in the moment it’s required. So their behavior is not predictable, higher self push graphical input and foresights to guide them. Okay you can say this is divine nudging to the best effort, cultures on other planets have gone though this for their higher level of evolution.

Abilities to read others field or see the aura will appear as feature in integrated beings, some will hear the mental noise from others around, when focus is lifted. This is something requires training, because to be open for input need some barriers against the mental noise in your world. With higher DMT output the seeing can be expanded at both frequency ends, to let you see what is normally hidden. Some will experience that as very spooky, but you only see what is and was always there.

Have a break, there is more to come


Author: Monjican

ED Shaman from Eagle Nebula residents, dedicated to support earth ascension since success for the majority of Maya culture. Available for contactees through telepathy within earth grid.