Minds.com: Encrypted, Community-Owned Social Network Emerges to Challenge FB

It’s a kind of evolution, when society understand why People2People projects fits better. Such projects are not based on the intent to make money what is Service to Self, they are based on the Service to Others idea. Learn about STS vs STO and why society is fooled most time to choose STS and fight against STO.

Openhearted Rebel

via Anti-Media

(ANTIMEDIA) As concern over corporate censorship of content on social media continues to mount, an alternative to giants like Facebook and YouTube has emerged — Minds.com, an encrypted, open source, community-owned and operated social media platform.

Speaking to Observer, coder and Minds co-founder Bill Ottman said the idea is based around a highly secure network where people can freely express themselves while maintaining a level of privacy they’re comfortable with.

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Author: Monjican

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