Stepping out after half way?

These days articles about self controlling the mind are coming out from various places. What at bottom is comes from the idea to do the required task only a bit and stop after that. Same problem was detected in management, who book coaches and trainers who demand having healthier and fun working employees makes the company greater. But no light without shadow, it’s required to shift employees consciousness to the new level. A level that include ethics and morality, what collides with business making money through lies.

Let employees have meditation at work and you get respectable results for the price that they won’t lie for company goals at all. Ruler and elites know that, are scared for the results. Sure you can teach ADHS children meditation, so they can calm down when required, but they don’t consume expensive pills anymore and won’t take the gun for the military.  That’s why you see the many alternate ideas to reprogram the own mind for better thoughts, what require the thinking machine to rule on. Because what can be self programmed must be programmable from outer. To have the next Black Friday with shopping nightmare…..

While meditation and meditators are ridiculed, because it’s a danger for the established system of lies. To keep a mad system running, you need mad programmed people to elect and vote for it. People who are preselected (thanks Darwin) to step out from their awakening, to follow crude concepts within the hamster wheel.


Author: Monjican

Shaman priest from Eagle Nebula group, dedicated to support earth ascension since success for the majority of Maya culture. Available for contactees through telepathy or channelling within earth distortion grid since 1976.