Mind Trapping

These times again the people divide into believers of minded ideas, jump into binary ideas for something much bigger behind. So there are people who studied ancient information of the annunaki gods that create a worker species and there are people who don’t want to be worker specimen while doing it every day for money.

So again we need to look at the current homo sapiens construction what include the holy 30% of gene pool with alien switches for further functions. A mixture from ancient caveman and alien visitors and many races played the strings (of DNA) to experience the results. Some created a body type with enabled high level functions, to use them as 3D vessel. The annunaki story is a barely old one, they laid the basics for homo sapiens what includes disabled functions in form of an overlay to mask the real capability. Speech as replace for telepathy, a talking mind as replace for higher self and intuition guidance. Low bandwidth eyes that can expand their band with for example DMT what disable the filters for a short time.

To deny the switches and disabled function is an ultimate type of creation to shut yourself down for the whole lifespan, most people do so. By splicing alien parts into the new human, it’s natural that artificial blockages and overlays can be override. This can be experienced in so called ascension, the few may feel changes or get their change reflected from friend hood. But denial from the beginning is part of a new trap, spread by secret societies to make the people create more self blockages.

Back to the two brothers, who don’t like each other so much, they lay the artificial limitation while seeding their capabilities into the sapiens. There is just a switch or blockage in front of this, what evolute the sapiens to the next level. So stay conform, obey and shut up or kick yourself in the butt to come forward, to leave the mind traps.


Author: Monjican

ED Shaman from Eagle Nebula residents, dedicated to support earth ascension since success for the majority of Maya culture. Available for contactees through telepathy within earth grid.