Is 5D Here Now?

Creation appears in steps, first you have to turn from 3D consciousness to the 5D level, from there you create the shift of matter to the 5D realm. But remind that the first step is the requirement for clear creation, as long your elites makes you forget about the first step, you won’t experience the second. Few people around have already taken the first step, but they are attacked and ridiculed by the mass fighting for the elites, to keep their warm and cozy 3D. If the creator is ready, creation appears.

Jelaila Star – The 5th dimension. We’ve been told that we are moving up to that level and the chaos we are going through is part of the process. Many believe that when we get there we will experience utopia, our quintessential heaven on earth. But is it possible that we’ve been looking at is through the lens of outdated 3rd dimensional beliefs? Is it possible that 5D is already here? Is it possible that we are simply creating our individual, as well as, collective parts of it through our creative awareness, as well as our actions? .

This little epiphany occurred to me as I was making my morning coffee. What brought it about was a momentary feeling of bliss. Looking out the window watching the robins happily splashing around in the birdbath as I chatted with my daughter while waiting for the coffee to steep, I knew, just knew, that this was a moment of heaven on earth, a little slice of heavenly 5D life that I had been working so long to create.


This led to another epiphany–there isn’t going to be some big official announcement that we are at 5D.  Instead, it is my understanding that we are creating it now, bit by bit as we each embrace 5D consciousness creating aspects of it in our individual lives.  The 5th dimension is the dimension of light–as in information. It is not a dimension of perfection but there will be perfect aspects of it.  I feel my little bit of heave is part of that.  If so, does it not stand to reason that if we begin seeing ourselves collectively creating 5D now, we will manifest it more fully and sooner?

So what would that look like? Well, we all know that we create abundance through gratitude and joy. Why not add a new perspective that will help increase our abundance generating powers? Why not look for and acknowledge the little moments in our daily lives that make us feel happy and blissful as part of our new 5D life rather than as bright spots in an otherwise tough, strife-filled 3D one?  It’s a shift in perspective for sure, but I’m gonna give it a try.


In closing, as the title of legendary author Wayne Dyer’s proclaimed, you’ll see it when you believe it.

SF Source Nibiruan Council May 2017



Author: Monjican

ED Shaman from Eagle Nebula residents, dedicated to support earth ascension since success for the majority of Maya culture. Available for contactees through telepathy within earth grid.