Caught in the Loop?

Human evolution on earth had run in loops and this time is a new game because prime creator try to uplift human consciousness to a level that make a better outcome possible. Previous rounds ended in nuclear disaster that destroyed the high cultures, this is behind archeology that found radioactive glass sand and below that signs of high cultures.

Previous societies burned themselves up in final war, their spiritual horizon and tranquility was not high evolved to step out of such madness. Digging deep enough will show up temples below temples like Gobekli Tepe and whole cities covered in dust and sand. They are contemporary witness for the limited mind within the self chosen 3D experience. From outer perspective a boring view, see evolution up to the point where greed results to overall fraud, when money is made with blood on the hands, the point you have reached again.

Why? Where is the tiny breeze of intelligence to stop such madness, where is the huge amount of people waking up to take action for change? The majority sleep on, dulled down by psychological tactics from their elites, the ones with the blood, but elected repeatedly by society. No nice story from the mind or love and light from the few will stop the disastrous path you walk on, burned ground in your back.

Ridiculing reality is no solution, to sleep on is no fortune for better denial.

Be assured that we will plant new life on earth, if it’s your decision to end this loop like all others before. When shattered minds dream of a nice future while acting out 180° different. This is why we are here, as keepers, all rounds in hope that mankind take a different ending.

Especially in today times you are able to discover the loops before, what should give reason to make it different this time.

But at the end, this is your choice and no one judge you for that.


Author: Monjican

Shaman priest from Eagle Nebula group, dedicated to support earth ascension since success for the majority of Maya culture. Available for contactees through telepathy or channelling within earth distortion grid since 1976.