Does clairvoyance teach us to see beyond the surface?

Using third eye to expand the reality around, turn to a much wider spectrum of informations. This is why you get this feature, when your consciousness start to climb up from the 3D level of mind. Multidimensional inputs merge to a wider view, processed in real time to an experience that 3D minders judge as drug flash. In result you enter a flow state, where huge amount of information flow by offering to pick interesting parts out, the knowing is a state of enhanced consciousness. But don’t be wondered, this is also the state where open contact to beings outside 3D happens, someone may knock on your door and your clairvoyance will help to choose the right one. Do you like to know or go on to think in linear way?

Jessica Marble – It is said that one can only see clearly with the heart. The essence of things is invisible to the eyes. But how can you see that which is invisible to the eyes? Clairvoyance, one of the rarer psychic abilities, allows us to see beyond the surface of things and gain a deeper understanding of the world. Clear-seeing requires the use of the mind’s eye, or the third eye, which lays dormant in many people. Today I will attempt to explain how clairvoyance, in conjunction with clairaudience; claircognizance; and clairsentience, can help us strengthen our mind’s eye and see beyond the surface of things.

But first, let us define the terms:

  • Clairaudience is psychic gifts that enables people to pick-up & hear thoughts or sounds that are not audible to most people. Clairaudients can channel information coming from different planes and entities.
  • There are two types of clairsentience: prophetic clairsentience and feeling clairsentience. Prophetic Clairsentients may have hunches or dreams about the present and future that follow the “line of probability”. Feeling clairsentients are able to feel and transform thoughts into feelings. These individuals may also have the ability to read the energy of objects, see the past; present; or future of an individual, and experience another’s feelings.
  • Clairvoyance, one of the rarest clairs, refers to the ability of deciphering visual information with the help of mental mechanisms. Many people consider clear-seeing a sixth sense, because it uses senses that go beyond the 5 that we normally use. Clairvoyance is also associated with retrognition and precognition.
  • Claircognizance, or clear-knowing,is a lesser-known gift. It means having knowledge of places, people, or situations without any prior information to facilitate this knowing. People with this gift often say that they don’t know how they know something, they just know it.

You may have recognized some of the traits described above within yourself. That’s because we are all born with the gift of seeing, hearing, or hearing subtle vibrations or energetic communications emanating from different planes. Claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairaudience are common gifts. Clairvoyance, on the other hand, is rare because most people shut down their psychic abilities at a young age.

Why you should Train your Mind’s Eye

Opening the third eye may sound scary at first. That’s because there’s a lot of confusing information online about psychic abilities such as telepathy, divination, channeling, ESP, the clairs, etc. But in reality, the clairs are gifts that we can naturally develop. Ideally, your intuitive vehicles should work together. For example, clairvoyants should also be clairsentient in order to perform Clairvoyance readings.

How can clairvoyance teach us to see beyond the surface? I’ll try to explain:

Clairvoyance changes the way we look at things. Our physical eyes are limiting. We judge what we see based on social constructs. Clairvoyants are able to see beyond the surface of things to experience a deeper level of understanding. According to the Webster dictionary, clairvoyance represents the “ability to perceive matters beyond the range of ordinary perception.” In other words, it is our extrasensory abilities that perform the “seeing”.

Clairvoyance is trained with the help of visualization. There are countless exercises that you can try to develop your clairvoyant ability. Any activity that relies on visualization is good, not only for strengthening clear-seeing ability, but also for boosting creativity and imagination. Closing your physical eyes will allow you to open your mind’s eye and receive information from different planes. Furthermore, visualization will help you become more receptive to spiritual messages.

Clairvoyance channels grounding energy. All clairs require a certain level of discipline, but clairvoyance is by far the hardest gift to master. By training your clairvoyant gift you are also learning to ground your own energy. When we are stressed, upset, or nervous, our spirit becomes ungrounded. This means that the body is physically present, but its energies are all over the place. Grounding cords can help us strengthen our connection with spiritual planes. Clairvoyant people can actually use visualization and stones to strengthen their grounding cord.

Not sure if you are clairvoyant? Below are a few examples of visions that can hint clairvoyant gifts:

  • Strange visions foreshadowing events that are about to unfold. These visions may come to you while awake, or in the dream world.
  • Strong visual skills in your daily activities. For example, you may be very good at painting a picture using words or create vivid images based on written words.
  • Powerful dreams that you can easily recall upon awakening. Clairvoyants may also have recurring dreams that provide insights about the present and future.
  • The ability to see things with the corner of the eyes.
  • An inexplicable sense of awareness in the center of your intuition (the space between your eyebrows where the third eye takes spiritual form).

Some people have traumatic clairvoyant episodes that result in blockages. I believe that clairvoyance is a gift that should be embraced. If it is trained correctly it can completely change the way we experience and understand the world.

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Jessica Marble  is a Guest Writer for Shift Frequency

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