The Spiritual Lover of the Inner Silence

Consciousness is silent, the placed overlay named thinking mind react to outer noise with inner noise to fortify the barrier between being and consciousness. Once rewired people can have a picnic near the jackhammer.

Openhearted Rebel

By Frank M. Wanderer, The Mind Unleashed

The world around us is too noisy, we are constantly surrounded by the murmur of the civilized world. We have almost completely forgotten today, how living a silent life in this noisy world could be. What secret could the silence have?

The mystery of silence becomes interesting for us when we become spiritual seekers. From that time on, we start looking for the essence of life, we wish to find an answer to the question:

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Author: Monjican

Shaman priest from Eagle Nebula group, dedicated to support earth ascension since success for the majority of Maya culture. Available for contactees through telepathy or channelling within earth distortion grid since 1976.