Digital and Analog

So if you are ready for the next lesson, read on to experience how things match together on your 3D plane.

Technology placed around you is digital based and the resolution extends from 4 bit to 128 or 256 bit in high end to digitize the analog more precise. But as written the idea behind is to digitize and emulate the analog reality around you even finer. This is based on overall agenda to keep humanity within an artificial bubble, for control reasons. Such idea is much older and has come from the outside, but is maintained by your elitist ruling class. In ancient times humans got the digital intellect by DNA manipulation, as guide that bound their attention and can be influenced from the outside for programming reason. Limited means that it’s decisions most time are just 1 bit, black or white, peace or war. In these days with overall speeding up this limited structure is very often in deep struggle and most people intake additional mental drugs to dim it down to maintain sanity.

Such interpreter level, that try to experience the analog environment and limit it down to a speech level has a hard work and many people feel mentally exhausted in the evening. But for the rulers it’s pretty okay, because the maintained state accept outer influence for it’s decisions. Psychic books appear in wide range, where the decisions for a defined trigger are written down and used by rulers and commercials against the people.

So you got the idea, why there are so many technology gadgets running a limited digital emulation, to make your intellect machine feel well trough confirmation. To pull the people into the digital universe, flatbed copies of the analog reality around you, where colors of nature are not limited to bits on a graphic chip. On the other hand people who experience plain consciousness periods aka enlightenment are overwhelmed by the amount of colors and sounds without limits in the same environment like the other people looking through machine interpretation.

As result analog and digital is not the same, but to maintain a digital environment humans must be bound into an artificial paradigm to keep it compatible. Everything outside the paradigm is different, open and unexplained by science that only operate only within the bubble. But that’s known since eons and for example written down as Plato’s Cave Allegory.

If for example an outer happening disable the intellect machine, lot’s of people will go crazy because they experience reality instead of the digital interpretation. More input, being aware of own shadow creation is very unpleasant.

As conclusion the ball is yours now, people who ever have experienced the analog know that.


Author: Monjican

ED Shaman from Eagle Nebula residents, dedicated to support earth ascension since success for the majority of Maya culture. Available for contactees through telepathy within earth grid.