The Playa

As many know there a profound new energies on earth, giving opportunity to awake to higher levels. Some experience a new story, called their enlightenment and try to navigate through the obstacles there. So it’s time to talk about that a bit more, because it may be useful to know your obstacles.

First hand if you really step up, you fall into a flow there you get feed with informations but not from your mind, because it is silent. Many people run spirituality like a computer program, right from the mind for their life time and be wondered that there is no change around. Simply as long the creation comes from a thinking mind level, there won’t appear change that would require a new chain of manifestation above mind. So as long you have unrequested thought in mind, you are operated from mind.

Like in a computer game, you are the playa that can experience it’s environment and act from a conscious level. Or it is operated remotely through emotions that cause predefined actions from thought. Emotions cause thought and thought drives action, pull the thought from the stream and you see the difference: Emotions – Consciousness – Actions

Real change results to change in human behaver, the inner silence after real change results to a meditative state between all moments when really 3D operations are necessary. No operations, no thinking required, linear time is replaced by own creation of time. Don’t get panicked if you own a wristwatch that skate away from others. Silence is the base for real playa, this deep inner silence is also reflected to outside. You won’t talk and chatter if there is nothing to talk, but pull all informations when required to enjoy others at speakers corner. Suddenly you enjoy total silence around, even a separation cell in prison will be your friend. You reached a state with silence and connection, what destroy the mind problem to feel alone, because you are never alone again.

The playa is a group member, connected to everything and everyone, while resting in inner silence.

So have a nice weekend, in silence.



Author: Monjican

ED Shaman from Eagle Nebula residents, dedicated to support earth ascension since success for the majority of Maya culture. Available for contactees through telepathy within earth grid.