False Realities

Language is mostly very clear, although it is a limitation of a wider spectrum hidden behind.

Mindset – (Mind-Set): A pre programmed package of explanations the voice in the head use to interpret your world

Mindcontrol – (Mind-Control): To keep humans in an artificial environment, by denial of direct experience

Mindless – (Mind-Less): Term of abuse, to blame direct experiencers to not see through the voice in the head

Intellectual – Term of glory for people experiencing their world through the voice, as govt like it

Insanity – Term of abuse for someone who left the interpretation through programmed voice

Wayseer – (Who sees the way) People who can imagine the outcome before acting out

Forecaster – (Cast from Foreseen) Cast it’s path conscious from foreseen possible outcomes

Mindful – (Mind Full) When the interpreter is overloaded, the world become more clear


Author: Monjican

Shaman priest from Eagle Nebula group, dedicated to support earth ascension since success for the majority of Maya culture. Available for contactees through telepathy or channelling within earth distortion grid since 1976.