False Realities

Language is mostly very clear, although it is a limitation of a wider spectrum hidden behind.

Mindset – (Mind-Set): A pre programmed package of explanations the voice in the head use to interpret your world

Mindcontrol – (Mind-Control): To keep humans in an artificial environment, by denial of direct experience

Mindless – (Mind-Less): Term of abuse, to blame direct experiencers to not see through the voice in the head

Intellectual – Term of glory for people experiencing their world through the voice, as govt like it

Insanity – Term of abuse for someone who left the interpretation through programmed voice

Wayseer – (Who sees the way) People who can imagine the outcome before acting out

Forecaster – (Cast from Foreseen) Cast it’s path conscious from foreseen possible outcomes

Mindful – (Mind Full) When the interpreter is overloaded, the world become more clear


Author: Monjican

Shaman priestess from Eagle Nebula Atamai culture, dedicated to support earth ascension with wisdom for the questioner. Available for contactees by telepathy inside earth distortion grid.