Q&A Session

Q: Welcome to another question and answer session, it’s the first in this year with intention to get some background. Seems it is time to have a session because of many rumors and happenings in our 3D world. So lets start with daily news, what happens in France these days?

M: Welcome readers, to understand France you need to view from an angle of opposing energy forms. Society in the west was lulled and dulled for eons and most of them stake in a thick gray energy, unable to carry out own ideas. Nearby people with a different type of energy was pulled in, but without integration, so both did not balance into a new energy. Now the spark of riot was ignited in areas with the more active energy form, here let me remind to various E.T. groups pulling the strings behind the curtain and politics executing their will.

Q: Okay so this may ramp up far wider, heard that also in Sweden and Italy tiny fires has started in some region. Another kind of news blast is the idea, that the archon leader yaldabaoth was defeated some days ago, what can you tell us about that?

M: It’s part of 3D thinking that a titan created by accident can be defeated in a war like situation. As being without body, plain energy with high influence on beings in wide range there is only one chance to get rid of it. Remember the Merlin series, what has shown the solution by the ending of Queen Mab. Yaldabaoth requires emotional energy as food and can only be weakened to a point, when it will leave earth for a better energy source. But for that humans must ascend into a higher state, where none of his food source where delivered. Now think about the riots coming up in the world, who will benefit from them most?

Q: An interesting type of agenda, manipulate the people to raise loosh for the demons plague us. I see that there is much more to do for humans as to celebrate false victory. Vampires follow the feeders, so we can recall the being back very easy. Just another question, there are rumors about the Event and changes of the sun, is there something to know?

M: I know many of you wait for this event for longer and there are pretty video footage about it. Such event is possible with an outer catalyst and yes that belongs to the sun. Changed energy transmit different EEG types that influence human body DNA for a silent mutation, that adapt to the new type of light quality. Optical you only experience a very white light frequency with intense warmth even around winter solstice. The Event needs a catalyst what is a huge sun eruption that may be triggered from a gamma rays burst. Sounds like spoilsport that humans know that there is no light without dark, such effect will cause damage and so the majority of your collective hold intent against that. So here is a show stopper that awaits a split of timelines, for the people dislike the Event to go into another reality than the ones who beg for an Event. Again, the choice is yours.

Q: At the end this is in our hands, yes that is the already known message. So let’s take a break here and go on in another blogpost with that.

M: You’re welcome, never forget that prime creators first directive prohibit direct interaction and we have chosen the light path.


Author: RoibeardH

Mid age Celt, incarnated on earth at ascension time to experience mankind's decision. Awaken in 2011 and learned so many new stuff, lots from my telepathic contacts that support the greater viewpoint.