Air quality across the world has reached toxic levels

It’s no secret that air pollution is a growing problem. But just how bad it is it ? Earlier this year, the air quality in London surpassed the toxic smog in Beijing — reaching a […]

Source: Air quality across the world has reached toxic levels

We get sprayed every day or night with alloy and barium, our cars blow platinum unto the air and smog alert does not exist since the 80s. So we will have the expected result in our cities, couching with sore throat and reddened eyes. But as long we elect lying politicians who manipulate the gauging stations results for that, it’s our decision to live in a toxic world.


Author: RoibeardH

Mid age Celt, incarnated on earth at ascension time to experience mankinds decision. Awaken in 2011 and learned so many new stuff, lots from my telepathic contact who support the greater viewpoint.