Hybrids in culture

Alien interbreeding programs are barely old and run just after direct face to face contact was ended on planet earth. So yes there must be early types of hybrids, working for further expansion of the program by harvesting genetic material. Here for example is David Huggins and a picture of his first lover birthing children to him.

Research the story behind if you are interested, remind that hybrids have psychic abilities to stun and direct human intellect mind, to get the required results. Investigated contacts in such manner are above 2 million documented cases, what give us some conclusions.

There are several groups working on this, not all have intent to make perfect hybrids that look like humans. Speaking about the difference of such programs, is that in ancient times humans where tuned up with 20 – 30% of alien DNA to get extended features. While the breeders want to reach a much higher percentage, to have bodies their souls can enter. Some may remind the draco bloodlines with 50:50% what results to incredible features.

Is breeding condemnable at all? Ask yourself, because the majority of humans don’t care.


Author: Monjican

Ascended shaman priest from Eagle Nebula residents, dedicated to support earth ascension with wisdom for the questioner. Available for contactees by telepathy or channelling inside earth distortion grid since 1976.