Alien Agenda

There are a lot of fear mongering videos and books about the alien agenda, what in term is wrong because there are several groups working on and around planet earth for their agendas. All of them have different ideas but most are very different for your alpha draconis rulers behind your governments. At first hand you experience their influence now, first rule is ‘keep em down’.

Other groups work on your uplifting, what is seen in parts of the esoteric information around you. Idea is to evolve mankind for eye height contact and telepathic abilities, but this does not touch the reality that most beings are much higher evolved. Planet earth is a pretty 3D playground, have many resources and room for qualitative food production, what clearly does not include GMO’s.

You can expect change like a floodgate, aliens on lower levels will be disclosed and openly start to work with you. Nearby the alpha draconis agenda, pushed by their hidden hands will be dismantled further and may result to an uproar. It’s again in your hand to choose the level of this disclosure and the tiny soft one may feel better, but to much will be kept in the darkness. Don’t get fooled again, use your heighten awareness to take new offers by word. Get rid of secrecy, such agreements have to stand in the light for every citizen on your planet.

Sounds like a warning and keep it in mind that most races have abilities to influence single people or whole groups to place their agenda with negative effects for humanity. It only need sleepy and lazy people that point to some decision makers, to support a paradigm change from a not pretty agenda to a new agenda that’s the same in different color. Your part is to shine light to your wish list, to set your intent for such deals and agreements for a better outcome. Look at bad ideas and vote them out, that’s the new job offer for you to prevent another ugly alien agenda.


Author: Monjican

ED Shaman from Eagle Nebula residents, dedicated to support earth ascension since success for the majority of Maya culture. Available for contactees through telepathy within earth grid.