Precognition – How Our Bodies React To Events Up To 10 Seconds Before They Happen

Your higher self can superimpose even timelines if you wish to peek into them. It’s just a matter of contact quality and exercise.

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By Arjun Walia, Thanks to Body Mind Soul Spirit

Over the past few decades a significant and noteworthy amount of scientific research has emerged contributing to the notion that human precognition could very well be real, and that we all might possess this potential -amongst various other extended human capacities.

Thanks to the research by various scientists presented in this article, extended human capacities are beginning to exit the realm of superstitious thinking, delusion and irrationality and find their way into the world of confirmed phenomena.

Claims of precognition or “future telling” have occurred “throughout human history in virtually every culture and period.” (source)

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Author: Monjican

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