The Triune Brain

Do you really believe, that nature creates humans alone with a split brain that on top run within imbalance? This is what normal EEG shows again and again, most people have a left side imbalance and some hard religious believers a right side imbalance.


A basic understanding of the structure of the human brain is necessary, if one truly wishes to understand both the basic dynamics of Consciousness, and the situation in which humanity currently finds itself. The brain is generally recognized as the seat of Consciousness in the body. While I would never claim that Consciousness is limited to the brain, the brain is certainly the organ through which we most directly connect to Consciousness on the physical level.

As we’ve seen previously, our Consciousness – our means of expression while in physical form – has a threefold nature: Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions. Just as our Consciousness itself has a three-in-one nature, so, in fact, does the human brain.


The idea of a threefold brain was proposed in the modern era by American neuroscientist Paul D. MacLean, who correlated human behavioral manifestations with the physiological structures inherent in the brain. His research led to the formulation of a concept now known as the Triune Brain. The Triune Brain model shows that what we generally think of as the human brain is actually three complexes, or three smaller brains that work together as one in order to provide the functions necessary for human survival and expression.


part1-04-triunebrainThe first of these complexes is the oldest in terms of its evolutionary development. It is the deepest section of the brain, located underneath the larger brain mass. Known as the R-Complex, this part of the brain is comprised of the brain stem and the cerebellum. The R stands for Reptile. This section of the brain has been nicknamed the Reptile Brain due to the fact that the behavioral traits for which it is responsible are most often observed in and associated with reptiles. These include pure survival instinct, direct stimulus-response, fight-or-flight response, competition, aggression, domination, repetition, ritual, and the desire to hoard resources.


These traits are the “base” functions of Consciousness. They are less-than-human, essentially animalistic thoughts and behaviors, which comprise the “lowest” states of awareness and being. It is interesting to note that, physiologically, this complex lies at the “base”, or “lowest” part of the brain. Equating the R-Complex to the Holy Trinity model of Consciousness, it would be the punitive, controlling “Father” god described in the Old Testament. As the “Father,” or oldest and least advanced part of the brain, the R-Complex is responsible for the male-dominator, animalistic, instinctual, base behavior which many human beings exhibit and experience.


The second complex of the Triune Brain is the Limbic System. It is also called the Mammal Brain because it appears to have developed significantly later in biological evolution that the reptilian R-Complex. It sits on top of the R-Complex, just above the brain stem and cerebellum. Comprised of the hippocampus, the hypothalamus, and the amygdala, the function of Limbic System is to generate and regulate the flow of chemicals and chemical interactions that create our emotions. Emotions are a common mammal trait that is generally lacking in reptiles and lower animals. Reptiles feel pain and undergo basic stimulus-response, but they do not display emotional reactions such as joy, sadness, empathy, etc. The Limbic System acts as a buffer between our thoughts and actions, for it is our emotions which generate feelings within our physiology that make us aware of the impact our actions have upon others.


Emotional traits are of a higher order of Consciousness than the base, reptilian traits displayed through the R-Complex. Without the Limbic System, we would have no capability to experience feelings or empathy for others, and we would be incapable of reeling in damaging and destructive tendencies and actions, whether they are directed toward ourselves or others. In its capacity as a buffer, or balancing agent between thought and action, the Limbic System could be seen as the Sacred Feminine, the Spirit, or the divine “Mother” aspect of Consciousness.


The third and most significant section of the Triune Brian is known as the Neocortex. The root “neo” means “new.” Also called the Cerebral Cortex, the Neocortex is the most recently developed part of the brain in terms of biological evolution. It is the most advanced and ramified (memory-containing) area of the human brain. Physiologically, it sits above both the Limbic System and the R-Complex, and it accounts for the largest area and mass of the whole brain. The Neocortex is also called the Human Brain, for it is a structure unique to human beings.


part1-04-brainhemispheresThe Neocortex is the complex which creates the electrical and chemical interactions that make our higher-order thinking possible. Without the Neocortex, we would be incapable of logic, reason, art, music, science, creativity, language, and a host of other skills and traits which are the defining characteristics of being Human. The Neocortex provides us with the ability to engage in thought functions that individuate us from the animal kingdom. Using these features as a frame of reference, we could now equate the Neocortex to the divine “Child” of the Trinity. It is the “new,” or “young” part of the brain, the symbolic “Child,” or “Son” of the R-Complex and Limbic System. Since the Neocortex makes possible our “highest” forms of thought and expression, it is also interesting to note that it is also the “highest” part of the brain in physical position.


When it is working properly, the Neocortex is designed to function as the executive control center of the brain. Some scientists have referred to the Neocortex as the CEO of the brain complex, as its proper functioning serves to regulate the activities taking place in both the R-Complex and Limbic System. To understand how these command-and-control functions of the Neocortex work, we must examine the structure of the Neocortex itself.


The Neocortex is structurally divided into two halves which form the left and right brain hemispheres. The left brain hemisphere is responsible for our capability to engage in analytical thought, verbal and written communication, logic, reason, mathematics, and science. The right brain hemisphere makes different types of activities and traits possible, such as intuition, empathy, creative expression, art, music, and holistic thought. Just as we have seen earlier in the Yin and Yang model of Consciousness, these sets of traits are neither all good or all bad. A balanced person should contain a well-rounded mix of all of these aspects of Consciousness.


If, by whatever means, a person’s Neocortex may become significantly imbalanced toward one brain hemisphere or the other, the Neocortex, as a whole complex, will cease to function as the executive control center of the brain. This means that it will stop regulating the processes that take place in both the R-Complex and the Limbic System. Upon having reached this state of brain dysfunction, the executive control functions of the brain will them be downgraded, and turned over to either the R-Complex or the Limbic System, depending on the nature of the original imbalance.


If the nature of brain imbalance favors the left brain hemisphere, the Neocortex gives up its regulatory functions, the Limbic System ceases to provide emotional balance between thought and action, and the R-Complex begins to dominate the whole brain system. This type of imbalance then results in a being who operates out of Reptilian Consciousness and desires to dominate and control everyone around them. A being suffering from this type of brain dysfunction would exhibit behavioral traits such as domination, obsession, greed, hoarding, incessant desire to control, compulsive tendencies, total lack of concern for others, aggression, sadism, and unprovoked violence. It is easy to recognize this type of brain dysfunction in our modern social climate, for this type of dominator imbalance is nearly everywhere in our society.


The second type of brain imbalance, toward the right brain hemisphere, results in the executive control of the brain being shunted to the Limbic System. This results in a state of Victim Consciousness in which the person can no longer control what is taking place within themselves, and essentially become ruled by out-of-control emotions. The R-complex ceases to provide functions related to basic survival instinct and a different set of undesirable traits manifest themselves. These states include nervousness, paranoia, lack of self worth, submission, guilt, fear, masochism, depression, and even suicidal tendencies. We see that these types of personality traits are also overly-abundant in our society.


I will explain later how these type of imbalances are being influenced and encouraged by those who desire to suppress the collective Consciousness of humanity in order to promote and solidify their own ruthless self-gain and domination. I will also explore the methodologies they have developed to create the imbalance necessary to shut down the proper operation of the seat of Consciousness itself, the human brain. The leaders of our culture are, in fact, deliberately breeding these traits in people. Through the growing imbalance taking place between the two hemispheres of the brain, the people of Earth are being made into two types of polarized, imbalanced creatures: dominators and those willing to capitulate to domination – in other words, slave owners and slaves.


Once we start to become aware of this manipulation taking place, we can begin to work toward the healing of the hemispheres of our brain, and by extension, the healing of the aspects of our Consciousness. This healing will come about through the creation of balance. Only through achieving a balance between the two hemispheres of the human brain can we develop a state of higher awareness and Consciousness. The brain, as a microcosm within the body, is a reflection of the macrocosm of which all matter and energy of Creation is comprised. They both function the same way – through a balance between opposing polarities. The path to healthy brain function is one-and-the-same as the path to higher Consciousness.


Only that Path Of Balance can lead us out of our collective state of imbalance, the force that creates Chaos and Suffering.


Traveling the Path Of Balance creates Order, Peace, and ultimately, Freedom from suffering.




Author: RoibeardH

Mid age Celt, incarnated on earth at ascension time to experience mankinds decision. Awaken in 2011 and learned so many new stuff, lots from my telepathic contact who support the greater viewpoint.