Artificial Limitation

We had blogs about the hive mind here and you will get updates within next weeks about. But today let’s have an eye on artificial control structures that arose from the natural counterpart. At first you have to keep in mind, that a brain limited to linear thought works like a single task computer and as bonus it does that very slow. Especially when it s so much distorted that there is a main speaker, an interceder and opposition chattering against. In result that is some kind of inner fight for the right decision on a extreme small speed.

Natural piece of such structure most humans solve their day, is the disability to handle huge parts of informations. Or better called the artificial thinking structure overlay was constructed this way to serve flatten input and to get in struggle if there is to much input available. These are the moments when the thinking structure slightly shuts down, this results to screeching people who don’t move in situations of emergency.

At the core this machine works like the controller had constructed it for their primary goals, what was social control. The machine must be feed with flattened input through mass media, requires the phasing of news what in result is feeding the limited mind with limited information. Something that easy soaks in without having internal conversations about discrepancy. That’s why all your official main stream media is a 100% match for a limited mind and look like greatest bullshit for awakened mind structures. It was made compatible for a society in limitation that feels well with that flatland world.

In computer terms the limited mind works like a 40 bit processor in bandwidth and clocking, while an awakened mind process informations holistic and have 2 million bit to do so. In conclusion a tiny hit can be given, flattened information results to a inner feeling of insufficiency, if they are sensed in a holistic way. But adulate the limited thinking structure.

Here some may have loud outrage of thoughts in their head, arising from the artificial limited structure that fight for it’s right to deal with your life. For you my friend, this blog won’t help at all to peek outside the artificial bubble that limit your life. There must be at least a tiny spark to know what’s hidden behind the curtain of artificial thoughts every day.



Author: Monjican

Shaman priest from Eagle Nebula group, dedicated to support earth ascension since success for the majority of Maya culture. Available for contactees through telepathy or channelling within earth distortion grid since 1976.