Feeling Bad? Your Energy May Be Shifting – Here Are 16 Common Symptoms

For most it is a change from a technical manipulated energy to a more natural one. Only few remember their early child days within more natural energies. So it must be relearned from experience, because life is evolution and evolution is change. You can handle energy like you feel it around, some with open third eye can see it whirling around.

Openhearted Rebel

By Marie Southern, In5d, Thanks to Conscious Life News

As we are heading into the Age of Aquarius, new energies are encompassing our bodies and are reflected in various physiological symptoms. Within this transition of the ages, many people will begin to feel many of these energy shift symptoms on a regular basis as our bodies are adjusting and upgrading to the higher frequencies.

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Author: Monjican

Shaman from Eagle Nebula residents, dedicated to support earth ascension since success for the majority of Maya culture. Available for contactees through telepathy or channelling within earth grid.