To fight against change

Experiencing nature will show you a profound appraisal, everything is in a constant flow. There is nothing in a fixed state, plants grow at spring time and seem to die of on autumn. Weather is in constant movement and change, every river try to change it’s riverbed.

Humans change in every second, millions of new cells grow in the body, bones are restructured. But within the mind is an artificial construct that is in stop mode, what is an ancient trickery to keep humanity on their knees. Such construct is part of an ancient contract between human and his elected ruler and because humans always migrate their power to rulers, they run within this contract.

Within contract the rulers redefine nature in their shape, there many things are stopped. Like humans burn fossil fuels since 150 years without change. Now there is also external defined time to override humans ability to create own time. Normally humans can repair body defects and health issues, but not inside the artificial construct, what rules the life like a computer program.

It’s one part to awake, but most people will step on the break as they experience the constant flow around and what is hidden behind the construct and does not like pretty as explained by the rulers before. Most adopt the rulers command, to fight change around them, to focus into the construct to be more happy in the construct life. Yes that may remind you to Neo’s awake in the matrix one movie and that’s what is really behind it. Reality outside the construct is a dark place, where you have to accept the mess you have created, to forgive what you have created and to set intent to another path. But huh that is change and the rulers dislike that.

So it’s your choice now to step into full blown awakening or stay asleep to fight change.


Author: Monjican

Extra dimensional shaman from Eagle Nebula, dedicated to support earth ascension as guardian and guide. Available for contactees through telepathy within earth grid.