Upscaled Society

All energies are up, your solar system travels through areas with higher frequencies that result to energetic changes for Gaia and all inhabitants. Part of this is your ascension process and slowly like a wave it push humanity upward, to become a fourth or fifth dimensional consciousness within the 3D body.

Huge effects result from that, most case the individual won’t experience them as long someone in friendship will reflect what is different as before. But this is also part of the change and most times friends who stay in the old frequency have to go. This is a game for all humanity, between the divine trying to upscale all beings and the elites who use black magic and technology to step on the brake.

Expect changes that are so profound that not even a doctor is able to support or explain them, especially the slide from ego with predictable behavior slide to guided by the divine and best effort mode. Your type of relationship will change, energetic vampires dislike your new aura and will go, as you start to sudden meet people with same energetic footprint. In your new level, you know as androgyny being in a gendered shell that you don’t need a counterpart to feel whole, because you are whole all time and guided in every moment.

Many will be shocked by the feeling that your higher self is partnering up to passive support you, after you start to learn how to communicate effective with it. This learning do grow your telepathic abilities, start with linear worded talk and end at full scale life screen exchange. Here you are ready to invite further support or contact beings outside 3D, you already can feel their frequency to decide their intentions.

You start to experience your body as 3D vessel and as gift from the divines. So you accept it as it was given, use it abilities as given, yes you have a new type of sexuality that is apart from mind imprinted guidelines. You suddenly can give love to much beings, without being entangled in monogamy. What will collide with types of religion, so this have to go to get rid of dusty dogmatism and schism between soul and body.

A new type of life has started, you will experience much more change resulting from the divine influence. Imprinted belief fade away, cleans the trash out for knowledge when required. Linear thought becomes silent, you have to trigger it like a pocket calculator to use the linear mind interpreter. Through silence you experience the Now, extended five sense capability will heighten your awareness to detect what others did not realize around you.

It will take a long time until the last humans are ready to upscale themselves, so every single being in the process right now will help to establish the new human on earth. Mankind is the ascension and have to create the wave all latecomer can and will ride.

Have a nice second advent.


Author: Monjican

Shaman from Eagle Nebula residents, dedicated to support earth ascension since success for the majority of Maya culture. Available for contactees through telepathy or channelling within earth grid.