The problem with the Mind

Only few know about that ancient race always had relationships to alien races, most see them as gods who helped to grow civilizations. Most of this information are hidden and in denial through your ruling class, while cultural groups like the maya, hopi and much more have their own stories about that. In newer times earth has seen breakaway civilizations, who split from the dulled down to explore space and reach relationships to races on other planets

Many know that Michio Kaku stated humans on earth have not even reached a type 0 civilization, what is right because upgrowth is blocked and denied by the elitist and freemasons for over hundred years now. Humans are fixed to an old paradigm to block progress, to undermine becoming a space traveling race with new friends. So the question is, when will the dulled down wake up to a wider perspective, to handle the knowledge and opportunities the breakaway groups already have? What will you tell your children, ‘we did nothing’ is a very boring and stupid story.

So what i like to see, is open contact and knowledge interchange to come forward. Than you may see a variety on our streets and in the cities, new people to talk, to learn, to grow spiritually from contact.


Author: RoibeardH

Mid age Celt, incarnated on earth at ascension time to experience mankinds decision. Awaken in 2011 and learned so many new stuff, lots from my telepathic contact who support the greater viewpoint.