Third eye challenge

Let me start with a short term, you don’t want to open your third eye when staying in 3D limited consciousness. Because you will get abilities from it, that a limited consciousness is not able to deal with. At first it opens up the portals to contact parallel realities, like an active smart phone beings from these realities can and will connect to you. Your first contact is higher self, by it’s ability to match your frequency most the times. It will push informations to you in various ways, again a limited mind will feel insane and enter the psychiatrist by the effects.

Religious people are indoctrinated to declare the open third eye to a satanic portal, just because church want to be the divine connection and tolerate no competitor in ruler ship, not even god and the divines. The status of separation can only be maintained with a closed third eye and someone claiming to be the intermediary.

So back to the telepathic experience, an open portal may connect daemons if you are in their frequency range to let them in. You need to handle the blacklist in the system, to keep a frequency range that allow only benevolent beings to call in. To call a beings just focus to it for a moment, i was called by my channel by few pictures of an old body of mine.

Third eye also boost your five senses with further data, so you may experience additional things that are hidden for other people. Don’t be wondered, if something fly through your image, somethings smells only for you or you experience energetic fields in various places. You have consciously to know, to which dimensional plane these effects will match, what requires the new consciousness level and help from higher self.

Seeing timelines is also difficult, just ask and higher self may offer them. It’s a matter of exercise to get the possible results to actions or pieces of stuff you look at. Precognition is a useful thing, but use heavy bandwidth you have to handle.

As roundup the open third eye requires an evolved state of consciousness and support from higher self to know what comes up on your head up display, while living your 3D life. Without these the third eye is a challenge that may result to a psychic crash and fix up by ataractics.  It’s no silly game to mess with the third eye to have some fun, the effects are strong and for some dangerous.




Author: Monjican

ED Shaman from Eagle Nebula residents, dedicated to support earth ascension since success for the majority of Maya culture. Available for contactees through telepathy within earth grid.