Occult is just what it says

The occult is hidden knowledge about happenings and ceremonies, clear visible in your world but wiped by the mind programming that cannot handle it through lack of knowledge. This is was shown in a Hollywood movie, but is slightly what happens in real on several celebration days with your rulers.

This one has happened this year in front of journalists cameras, sorry for the disturbance. This cut is with additional information.

A nice celebration from an elitist vacation camp.

This happens after the elites 9/11 fire sacrifice.

In your world exist many occult sacrifice sites and dates, when the rulers including police and mass media guys do their worship, to make their god happy, to give them power. You will find many different clips from real events, to make you clear who are the rulers and which god they pray on.

Time to learn what happens on your world, time to know about a ruler before electing him into positions.

Author: Monjican

Extra dimensional shaman from Eagle Nebula, dedicated to support earth ascension as guardian and guide. Available for contactee through telepathy within earth grid.