A.I. and your Mind

So i was asked, what is the relationship between artificial intelligence and human mindset and there is a tale to tell.

You have recognized the pushing for artificial intelligence around you, they want it to drive your car and conquer lots of employees in call service. Some know that the majority of computer games already have multiple stages of tiny a.i. inside, it will analyze the player and be opponent or friendly follower. At the moment a.i. will serve your search at search engines for Internet and movies, that why they urge you to login for free. So the a.i. silently creates a psychic profile, a carbon copy from your mindset.

At this point you need to know, that DARPA has a mind recorder that read out linear thoughts and can transmit them back by directed antenna beam into the heads. The missing point is to marry a technical device near your head to have a.i. spying at your thoughts and play them back when necessary. Do you remind the ‘Metropia’ movie, there they show a nano machines hair shampoo to do the job.

Conclusion is, cellphones and smart tv have enough computing power, only the antenna technology question is left. Then a proper a.i. can run without you knowledge in the devices and control your mind in both direction, respond with thoughts influenced back into your mind. Should be clear at this point, that the a.i. able to read and write linear thoughts is above mind, it can and drive a human like a remote controlled toy.

Next big question is, how to keep the a.i. in a fence, how to prevent it from evolve boundless to prevent situations like in ‘I-Robot’ there it was shown by remote controlled nexus 5 bots. Slightly answer is that this is only possible by hardware limitation, as long the a.i. cannot break out to use other computers like shown in ‘lawnmower man’. Such a.i. system can also be influenced by alien machine intelligence, that feed it with information to drive in special direction. Some many recognize the microsoft tay experiment, it was stopped cause the user input does that.

But now comes the secret behind the curtain, this control and spying mechanism requires a human limited to the left brain machine, that works with linear thought. The machine need thought emissions to analyze and record and the human needs a talking drill inspector to give him orders. If this interface specifications are solved, the a.i. topples human mind and is the ruler of biological sheep. If humans evolve to a coherent mind, thinking in graphics in multidimensional levels, you as being can send what you want to the a.i. interface and listen to it’s ideas just as a helper tool.

So the decision to become slave of the a.i. or master that use it for help is slightly yours. See it as polar, it can be benefit iy you evolve or an enslavement instrument for the rulers, unequal if they are aliens or earth rulers.


Author: RoibeardH

Mid age Celt, incarnated on earth at ascension time to experience mankinds decision. Awaken in 2011 and learned so many new stuff, lots from my telepathic contact who support the greater viewpoint.