OffPlanet TV Harald Kautz Vella Silent Assimilation A I

So the elites are also manipulated to place a technology interface into us and sameway themselves. This will later be connected to a huge computer A I to rule all of us by the machine. Let me remind to Al Bielek from the Montauk time machine, he also told about smartcities with huge A I that slightly rules the system and residents.

It would be more nice when people wake up to their own self and power, but as experienced for last 4 years the people want sleep even deeper the more information about harvesting and enslavement comes into their focus.



Author: RoibeardH

Mid age Celt, incarnated on earth at ascension time to experience mankinds decision. Awaken in 2011 and learned so many new stuff, lots from my telepathic contact who support the greater viewpoint.