Howto brand the minds

This is a technical article again, to show how the mind identify itself with a brand and buy them without have deeper look at it.

Question: How many days should your cellphone run?
Answer: I-Phone

Let’s have a look computer processors, as you may know there is an expensive major brand company and a silent concurrency with smaller prices. So it is in high interest for the major brand to brand the customers, howto do this? Step one is to show that the major has major performance. Here is a simple comparison with an newer Intel 8-core and an 2 year old AMD 6-core in a video encoding.

A major brand is also interested to bamboozle users over performance, so they spread their compiler that lower the performance from their concurrent. For this you have to push all benchmark developers, to use your compiler to get it done.

Last but not least, there is the energy consumption as argument, Intel save you 8 USD per year, but you pay 150 USB more to get this savings. So you have to run the Intel for 19 years to get your savings back. Really?

Last argument from me, as linux user the code is GNU gcc translated, so both type of CPU runs at same performance….


Author: RoibeardH

Mid age Celt, incarnated on earth at ascension time to experience mankinds decision. Awaken in 2011 and learned so many new stuff, lots from my telepathic contact who support the greater viewpoint.