There are loops in the mind

You may read it in many places in articles, that human mind want’s to stay secure by repeating the same by fighting everything new. So let’s peek at computers and gaming today, because the hardware inventions shoot through the roof while games most times are stuttering crap.
The graphics part are very high condensed power houses, they use internal thousands of stream processors to calculate as much as possible in parallel. Same we can see with th cpu, todays new mobile phones or tv sets come with octacore processors and topple your computer that is normally sold with only a quadcore. For lot of more money you can buy hexa- and octacores, but you may recognize that the software you get sold are crap. First most software is 32-bit, so it it limited in speed and memory usage. The speed limitations comes from the idea to emulate a 32-bit environment and switch the expensive 64-bit processors down to a slower emulation mode. So where is this coming from? From mind loops, cause we did it for long times, writing 32-bit software and singlethread programs that crumble your idea through the slowness of the past.
Main brake to possibilities is, you may guess right WINDOWS. Because in every W64 is a 32-bit emulation engine called windows on windows. So you burn dollars for 16 gig of memory and your computer give a shit about it, by the windows on windows 3.3gb limitation. To buy multithreaded software for windows in plain 64-bit you need a long search time and to pay much money.

Now guess why for example Steam is pushing his Steam-OS and have started to support linux operating systems. Since 2006 i used ubuntu AMD64 versions, plain and real 64 and all kind of software is also 64-bit. Looking at games i can tell you that for example Egosoft X2 – The Threat is horrible stuttering slow through singlecore and 32-bit, while Egosoft X3 – Rebirth is fluid in FullHD on the same machine under xubuntu AMD64.

To get the most power out of your hardware, you need to be open minded and support the better stuff. This is the same problem like in most technology, the hidden hand in the background use your mind to block better experiences, and roll on the floor laughing for our stupidity. Looking forward require to break through the implanted loop in the mind, everything you need is on the table now.


Author: RoibeardH

Mid age Celt, incarnated on earth at ascension time to experience mankinds decision. Awaken in 2011 and learned so many new stuff, lots from my telepathic contact who support the greater viewpoint.